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Keeping each other accountable is imperative to your group’s success, left to your own devices, you might lose focus, or get distracted by life circumstance(s). Knowing that you have other members of your group to report to next week helps to motivate you in order to have something good to report about your project.

This replaces the militaristic approach to self-discipline and replaces it with an enjoyable motivation allowing you to share the rewards of being able to report your progress to others who are vested in your continued success, a more positive model that going-it-alone in your own lone-wolf-style.

So, you’re headed to you meeting and you realize that you’ve only accomplished two of the ten tasks that you had promised your teammates that you were going to get done this week. What happens then? That’s where the accountability comes in. You voluntarily selected this team and/or these members and in doing so you allow them to nag you or motivate you in any other way necessary in order to assist you on the path to your success.

Don’t be one of the many people who have had a good idea, business potential, book hidden within, elusive successful dreams and aspirations, whose lives have ended, never having realized their dreams or potential. By teaming up with your peers, people who think and believe as you do, makes all the difference.

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