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Your mastermind group should have its own forum. A forum is an online tool, that the group can access to list their weekly goals and each individual’s daily progress. This should only require your commitment of an extra few minutes each day to log your progress on the group’s online forum.

The forum also allows the members to interact and support each other through an online medium that does not require participants to be available, or online, at the same time of day. This is an extremely flexible medium for all participants.

Each participant should have their own subsection of the forum to track their individual goals and progress.

You may have a goal to accomplish something in the time-span of one year. Redefine your goal into goals that are more easily manageable by you and your group. For instance, if you’re goal is to raise an extra $50,000.00 in the next twelve months. Dividing your goal into one-month goals would result in an amount of $4,167 per month. One-month should be your maximum goal interval as a four-week-long goal is easily manageable by group members. This could be broken-down further into weekly progress chunks of, say, $1,041.75 per week.

As you log your progress in the group’s forum, regularly throughout the week, delineating your progress and activities engaged in to realize your goal, other members will support you with camaraderie and input, possibly in the form of ideas that may have occurred to them that may make attaining your goal easier, or offering an idea that you may not thought of yet.

Having a goal length longer than one-month-at-a-time may lead to less productivity due to project dilution, loss of enthusiasm or focus, or burnout.

Let’s say that your goal for this week is to come up with an outline of a new book. You decide that this week, you are going to decide on the chapters that will be included in your book.

On day one, you may list in the forum three chapters that you know you want to feature in your book. On day two, you check in with the forum, to post an additional two chapters, and find that there has been input from two members of your group on your previous day’s posting… One member suggested an alternate title for one of your chapters, and the other has suggested three more chapters that you might not have come up with yet. And on and on it goes, as you chart your progress each day and benefit from the participation of your group peers.

This process continues week after week, setting new goals and making progress regularly each day, as the members keep each other accountable.

See how powerful having multiple minds working together on the same project can be?

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