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The group’s leader maintains data on the members of your Prosperity Anonymous group. The leader keeps track of each member’s contact information, i.e., name, address, phone number(s) and email address, as well as each individual’s strengths, or skills, that can be offered to the group, also noting weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses often change as the group matures.

Individual members change and grow through the mastermind process. What may have been thought of as weaknesses in the beginning may turn out to be valuable assets to the other group members.

As each of the groups members grow and change, weaknesses may me overcome. And skills that individual members may not have thought of as a valuable resource, is discovered to be a very valuable resource to the group.

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While our mission is relatively new, we can use all the help we can get. If you are a masterminding or prosperity anonymous member, please e-mail us. Alternatively, if you have uncovered a valuable online resource that you think would be of value to our users, then let us know, so that we can make it available to other users and visitors.


We will be adding an additional feature for all subscribers that includes a geographically designed business index that will help to promote your business to other members and searchable via the Internet. (Limit one business listing per subscriber.)